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27 de noviembre del 2012

Founded in 1940, Kier Joffe is a Full-Service law firm from Argentina, representing a broad spectrum of clients on a wide variety of issues. We approach our clients' disputes and transactions with a commitment to providing excellent client service and strategic, practical legal counsel.

Whether you are an individual, small business, entrepreneur, large corporation or foreign law firm looking to serve your client in Argentina, we treat every matter as our most important with a commitment to providing the very best and highest quality legal representation.

Kier Joffe has its Headquarters office in Buenos Aires and its own correspondents and associate law firms in the cities located in the interior of the Argentine provinces where it operates.

The firm is organized into teams, each focusing on a specific industry or area of practice. Depending on the scale and complexity of a case, we either provide a single attorney or put together a task force of appropriate size.

Each client is assigned to a supervising partner who is familiar with that client's business activities and who is responsible for the overall relationship.

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